We are definitely better together. Our community thrives on the passion, commitment, and gifts of our A-Team. Whatever your gifting, there is room for you to serve our church family and community.

The A-Team

Antioch Youth Ministries (AYM): This ministry focuses on the uniqueness of the student from middle school to high school. This ministry provides a holistic approach to ministry through interactive and relational Bible studies, age-appropriate activities, field trips, The Outlet (Youth Service), and fellowship outings.

Couples: The Couples A-Team is designed to give married couples an opportunity to enhance their relationships through participating in special events, fellowship activities, and retreats.

Creative Arts/Production: Through vocals, instruments, dance and drama this dynamic team prepares the way for our congregants to encounter the presence of the living God. Full of creativity and tech savviness, this team that reaches people by aiding the delivery of the Word and facilitates worship through camera, audio, lighting, and other visual elements.

Food Bank: As an outreach of the church, the food bank ministry feeds families in need every first and third Friday of the month. Thousands of families have been blessed through this ministry.

Kingdom Kids: Kingdom Kids offers a fun, energetic and exciting worship experience for children Pre-Kindergarten through 5th Grade led by an awesome group of trained volunteers. They intentionally invest in the lives of our children through praise, worship, age-appropriate interactive Bible studies, music, dance, videos, arts and crafts.

ME Ministry (Singles Ministry): The ME Ministry is a community of believers committed to personal development and building a healthy foundation for love. We provide individuals with tools and resources that will not only improve their knowledge and love of self, but also enrich their romantic, familial and platonic relationships.

Men’s Team: This team provides men with an opportunity to discover and develop their manhood. Men are encouraged to study God’s Word, seek His purpose for their lives, fellowship together, and build relationships with other Christian men.

Missions & Outreach: This team seeks to meet the physical, emotional, and spiritual needs of those in communities near and far.

Platinum Ministry: Platinum Club integrates “Senior” members into the life of the church and community through a weekly noonday Bible Study, planned activities, field trips, and classes.

Women’s Team: This ministry is committed to building the entire woman and enhancing the quality of life utilizing Biblical principles. It is committed to enrich the lives of women, and to empower, and equip them to become productive and progressive members of the world around them.

Counseling: Certified therapists and clinicians serve to address the mental health issues of our community.

Legal: This team engages in activities that provide members and the community helpful information that relates to civil matters in and out of the justice system. The Legal A-Team also attempts to bring people to God through its legal work.

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